For artists

Are you a touring artist, or launching an album and looking to play small venues? If so, then The Spott Sessions might be just the venue for you.

As a small venue, we provide the following for artists we book:

Guaranteed fee – no door splits
Full promotion
Hall PA (details below)
Food (please let us know of any dietary requirements in advance)

Additionally, we can arrange for accommodation if required (potentially free – ask us what might be available!)


We have a full PA setup to suit most small/travelling bands, and is suited to the size of hall we have:
QTX QA Series QA1000 1000W Power Amp
300W 10″ Speakers (on stands)
8 channel analogue mixer with one foldback mix (we’re awaiting decision for funding to upgrade this to 16 chan digital desk with 6 independent mixes)
1x active and 1x passive floor monitor wedges (awaiting upgrade to 4x active for 4x individual monitor mixes)
We also use stage and backdrop lighting.


The hall is a traditional small hall, and used to be the primary school for the village. It has a seating capacity of 50, though we can possibly flex that up to 58, or down to cabaret style tables as required for the gig. The stage is best described as ‘rustic’, and is adequate to elevate seated musicians for visibility. If you prefer to play standing then the stage can be left out.


All acts are booked using the standard Musicians’ Union contract. The hall has all required liability insurances, but bands are required to supply their own equipment and instrument insurance.

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